School at Home: Future of Primary Education

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  • 04 Jun, 2021
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Primary Education

India is the second-most populous countries in the world with a 1.38 billion population with the most significant demographic share of the youth population, making the education sector a vital part of our country. When we talk about education, the focus is on primary education since it is the most important part that lays the foundation for formal education and helps in the child’s character building.

But, this is where India lags, as, in rural areas, the literacy rate stands at 69 percent, with the world average percentage of 86. However, post the COVID-19 pandemic in India, the technological influence has changed the teaching/learning experience and has made primary education even more interesting and practical. Thanks to several preschool online learning platforms.

Since the future of our country revolves around technology, kids can avail the classroom experience in the comfort of their homes. Let’s look at how schools at home can shape and affect the future of preschool learning in India.

Use of Technology at Teaching Level

Gen Z is all about technology, and so the schools cannot help but involve technology in the learning process. Most of the top schools use the latest and innovative technology to ease the learning process.

  • Schools are using smart class models such as Google Classroom and other tools to teach kids at home and provide a better learning experience.
  • 3D printing is another technology used in education to shape and form the imagination of young minds. When preschool and primary school students see the 3D models, they can relate to the surroundings, which give an influx to creativity.
  • Virtual reality (VR) is used to give real-life experience to the students. Just like 3D Printing, VR helps in enhancing the classroom experience of a child. It also helps them understand better, learn faster, and remember things for a longer period of time.

Homeschool Learning in India

In India, many parents are turning to homeschools, looking at its benefits post the pandemic. Parents nowadays are more aware and educated; they hold the capacity to teach their kids the values and lessons taught at the school with innovative skills. Although parents in the country are primarily working, they decide to spare time and educate their kids in their area of interest.

Online Preschool Learning at Home

Online teaching is the by-product of digital advancement in our country. Online teaching helps the parents to nurture their child at the comfort of their home and with the ease of resource availability. The resources online are rich in content and offer the best teaching-learning experience to tutor their child at home itself.


Why Homeschooling?

  • It can give children better education at the comfort of home in pandemic time.
  • Parents are aware of what their child is learning.
  • The home environment is more relaxed, and the schedule can be tailored as per the child’s needs.
  • No transportation cost or convenience fee.
  • Better character and moral development.
  • It is helpful to know the inclination of your child and what interests him the most.
  • The child is completely free to explore his wings.
  • Keeping the child away from mental and social pressure.

What parents must know before choosing the preschool online learning platform?

  1. Home education can give your children the abilities, confidence, and understanding to explore their full potential. Post Covid-19, online education is at its peak, and it is helping the students to learn better and at their own pace.
  2. When parents choose preschool learning at home, they must look at the quality of teaching materials in-depth and see if all important topics are covered. Good home learning programs should cover all of the important subjects and topics in detail for a better learning experience.
  3. It’s vital to choose a home education program that’s exciting, engaging, and challenging for the kids. Choose the home education programs that offer a wide range of learning methods and different activities to keep the students involved and interested in learning new every day.

Benefits of School at Home

There are several benefits for opting online homeschool for kids, some of which are stated below.

1. Personal Space of Learning
Every child is different. Experts say that some children can’t learn in a group; they need personal attention and training. Thus, parents prefer online homeschooling for kids nowadays. The kids feel comfortable in the home environment and ask their doubts without being judged. In contrast, parents try to give undivided attention to the kids, which creates a bond of being secured and loved.

2. Self-reliance
The homeschooling sessions are helping kids to be self-sufficient. Kids know how to plan lessons, understand them, enroll for tests and other formalities as prescribed. This enables them to take up responsibilities in the future and make their own decisions undoubtedly.

3. Integrated and Consistent Education
Schooling at home is monitored and managed by a single person for a long period of time, allowing the consistent and seamless flow of education. Since the parents are intimately involved with the student's education for years, they understand the child's needs, experiences, and background. Thus, they can choose the educational program and activities as per the child's requirement.

4. Instils Self-confidence
In homeschooling, students are not afraid to put out their problems nor are they afraid to express their failures. As children are not constantly surrounded by many people, they don't do things to impress others; rather, they'll do it for themselves. This will make your child blossom into a happy and confident individual.

5. Freedom to Follow One's Interest
The best feature that preschooling at home offers is that it lets every child decide and create their own path. For instance, if any child is good at drawing or sketching, he can take lessons on them; if dancing or singing interests him, he can learn that. After a series of practices, he will excel in the field he likes from a very young age.

6. Safe Learning Environment
Children who opt for online preschool learning do not face bullying, teasing, negative peer pressure, bad influences, and in some cases, rude or even misbehaving teachers as they are in constant surveillance of parents.

7. Attachment Parenting
This approach is getting a lot of popularity these days. In this approach, parents are equally involved as teachers in the online learning process. It emphasizes building a better parent-child relationship by learning their child’s strengths and weaknesses, helpful for their overall development.

8. Strengthens Closeness
Homeschooling strengthens closeness between family, parents, and kids. It enables deeper relationships with children as parents get to spend a lot of time and can watch their children grow.

9. Eradicates Boredom
Since online learning at home is specifically tailored for every individual, kids do not need to waste time on what they have already mastered while others are still catching up.

School at Home Offering – The Best Preschool Curriculum

In case parents want to homeschool their child with proper home tutoring and classes modified according to the child’s needs, we offer:

  • The collection of textbooks for all pre-primary students in printable format.
  • Digital learning through videos of our expert tutors to give the best classroom learning experience.
  • Subject-wise activities to keep the students entertained and engaged.
  • Fun activities for preschoolers at home in the form of games to make the classes interesting.
  • Daily planners for each class for the parents to be aware of the schedule.
  • Meeting all the learning needs by providing all the art and craft material.
  • Daily practice sheets to monitor and evaluate the progress of the students.
  • Passing certificate after completion of the academic curriculum.

Summing up: Go With the Trend

All parents want the best for their kids and choose what’s the best way to prepare them for the future. Schools of today are nothing like what used to be a decade ago. Preschooling and primary school at home are the trends that will continue in the future and address certain challenges in education. Contact us today to enrol your kids.