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The curriculum of LKG will cater to the grooming of toddlers in a balanced childhood which will prepare them for future learning. The curriculum is created keeping in mind that least screen time is given. It is around 45-60 minutes approximately a day.

Our program is flexible and can be completed at a comfortable pace by kids without stressing. It will also help to cover the parts of the syllabus that have been missed, before the upcoming academic session. It provides an array of activities, worksheets and engaging videos to help kids move towards their early learning goals. It is aligned to meet overall development in the child and all this is done by our trained teachers who expertise in curriculum designing

Program Includes

Learning Kit includes

  • One School bag with pencil pouch
  • Set of 10 Curriculum Books
  • Worksheets
  • Three Notebooks
  • One Drawing Notebook
  • Stationery Items
  • Art and Craft Items
  • Colours (crayons, sketch pens, pencil colours, water & poster colours)
  • Slate and Chalk
  • Pack of Clay
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Program Outcome

We offer an integrated curriculum which develops the listening skills, speaking skills, reading readiness and writing readiness among the little ones. The course provides the holistic development of the child.

1. Cognitive Development

  • Identify,read and writing Alphabet (Capital and small letters Aa to Zz).
  • Recognize and speak the sounds of the alphabet A to Z.
  • Read and write words and sentences.
  • Identify, read and write letters of varnmala.
  • Read & write bina matra ke shabd and vakya.
  • Introduction of matra ( आ, इ ,ई ).
  • Use simple punctuation while writing.
  • Use left to right and top to bottom motion while reading & writing.
  • Use and explore pre number concepts around the near surroundings.
  • Explore, classify and use shapes, patterns and positions.
  • Identifying and using concept of 0 and 10.
  • Addition and subtraction of one digit numbers (horizontal & vertical).
  • Learn forward & backward counting
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2. Language Development

  • Picture reading.
  • Match symbol of letter and its sound to given object or picture.
  • Join letter sound to read words and sentences (using prepositions).
  • Develop and enhance listening & verbal skills.
  • Enhance vocabulary skills.
  • Identify and using matras appropriately.
  • Read and write simple sentences without matras and with words of matras(आ, इ ,ई )
  • Using and exploring pre-number concepts around the near surroundings.
  • Explore , classify and use shapes, patterns and positions.
  • Identify and use concept of 0 and 10.
  • Addition and subtraction of one digit numbers (horizontal & vertical).
  • Learn forward & backward counting.
  • Understand and use basic concept of time and money.
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3. Physical Development

  • Gross Motor Skill
  • Sing and perform actions with songs and rhymes.
  • Discover and control body movements.
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Hold and grab pencil, crayons, eraser and sharpener.
  • Coloring within given shapes.
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4. Socio-Emotional Development

  • Forming and sustaining positive relationship with peers and family.
  • Explore and engage with the environment.
  • Helps around the house with very simple tasks and become more independent.
  • Learn to show many emotions beyond happy, mad or sad.
  • Be aware about good touch and bad touch.
  • Learn to participate in festivals, events, gatherings and shows respect to God.
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5. Creative Development

  • Enhance creativity while doing different kinds of fun activities.
  • To draw and colour and does it within the outline.
  • To able to dance and sing.
  • Enable to recognize colours and show a preference for favourite colours.
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