The Legacy

The Founder
Mr. Manoj Mittal Mr. Manoj Mittal

He wears a celebrated personality and is a business tycoon. He is a co-partner in one of the leading publications of Rajasthan 'Sanjiv Prakashan'. He is the chairperson of one among the topmost engineering colleges 'Anand International College of Engineering' that imparts world class education at affordable price complementing international standards with unrivaled faculty.

He also chairs 'Anand Incubation Centre' that nurtures business ideas through a comprehensive business support system that boosts new and startup companies to blossom by delivering management training and office space.

He also crowns chairmanship of the highly acclaimed 'Anand Online Exam Center' for domain knowledge appraisal and to facilitate the examination process. With his innovative projects, mentor-ship, entrepreneurial spirit and intense insight into new ventures; he always brings forth his legendary perspective. Enjoying a long experience in the education sector, he possesses a spectacular vision. With his incessant industrious, assiduous and engrossed endeavors in social welfare, he continues to remain a social activist.

The Director
Ms. Ishita Mittal Ms. Ishita Mittal

Ms. Ishita Mittal has completed her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She has a pleasing personality and her aura creates energy and positivity to the people around. She is creative and a great problem solver.

She started her work journey as the director of Mittsure Technologies LLP and following the footprints of her father and grandfather, she is taking their visions to new horizons. Her constant endeavor is to improvise new techniques and solutions to the present structure.

School@Home is one such platform created by her in Mittsure. It is a complete virtual preschool program that provides a safe, nurturing learning environment for our kids while preparing them for formal schooling. She is passionate about creating a purpose of learning and allowing children to be thinkers, innovators and problem solvers.