School at Home - an initiative by Mittsure Technologies LLP is a concept that took off with a spark. They say that the early birds in any venture are the fastest hope of the project surviving. There could not have been a better time than 2020 to kick start a revolutionary concept that would take primary education by storm.

School at home, a pre-schooling learning platform for the kids is a unique concept of bringing the complete primary education at the comfort of your home without stepping out of your homes. It is a smart integration of digital animation lectures with curriculum books coupled with educational learning games, worksheets, daily planner and much more ensuring your kid’s 360 degree development.

The idea of School at Home was evolved amidst speculations that nothing would survive the onslaught of Covid-19. There was a global fear of everything plunging prematurely. Top notch vision and excellent execution made everything work in clockwork precision and digital education was up and going.

Run and owned by a young entrepreneur Ms. Ishita Mittal, the concept has had inputs from very young blood and that makes it a literal sledge hammer. Right from the very first "Go" during the peak of the lockdown it had professionals working towards creating content and animating it for the little kids. Hours of brainstorming were spent in etching and fine tuning it. Huge reserves of content were filtered and kept aside for use.

School at Home has edged competition out very smoothly and has created an iconic process that just cannot be replicated. We have made sure that every word that we use quizzes us to be doubly sure that we don’t leave anything to chance and that we check and recheck every piece of text and visuals that leave the drawing boards of our content teams.

2021 will be the year we refit every bit of process with utmost precision and take stock of what we have achieved in such little time. We will by no means sit back and rest on our laurels. We have exemplified “Pace” and used it as our most potent tool. It will now remain as our mission to roll out some of the most sensational features in our digital data.

Keep Watching!!!! There’s a lot coming


School at Home - a concept by Mittsure Technologies LLP is founded by Mr. Manoj Mittal who is one of the co-partners of Sanjiv Prakashan, the chairman of Anand International College of Engineering and the founder of Anand Incubation Center and co-founded by Ms. Ishita Mittal which automatically depicts our rich legacy of being the pioneers of world-class education and innovation for decades.

Established in the year 1970, Sanjiv Prakashan started operations with very limited resources but an equally great vision. This was the start of a business that would capture 70 % of the market share from some of the most known names in the business in forty years’ time. The late Shri Anand Shankar Mittal was the man behind this colossal effort. His legacy is carried forward by his son, Mr. Manoj Mittal who is the co-partner of Sanjiv Passbooks taking the venture to new heights.

The rest is history. Today Sanjiv Prakashan stands unparalleled and absolutely unbeatable. It employs more than 200 professionals who have an intense love and a sense of belonging for it.

Mr. Manoj Mittal also had a dream of setting up an Engineering college in Rajasthan with high-tech laboratories and the lineage of a great center for technical education. He wanted this college to straddle students in a manner that they would be able to perform on any technical platform with great ease and skill. He made his dream a glorious reality when he built the Anand International College of Engineering on the outskirts of Jaipur in Rajasthan. The Anand-ICE is today headed and managed by Ms. Monika Mittal, the daughter of Mr. Manoj Mittal, who is the Vice Chairperson of the college.

Anand-ICE today is a name synonymous with world class technical education and some of the most outstanding laboratories on campus. It also has a state-of-the-art Anand Incubation center for its students to realize their dream of setting up their own business post their Engineering.

Mittsure Technologies LLP is the latest addition to the success story of the Mittals who is looked after by Ms. Ishita Mittal, the younger daughter of Mr. Manoj Mittal. It is an ambitious plan to digitalize school education across Rajasthan and later the entire country. Now, Mittsure Technologies LLP has come up with the unique concept of School at Home catering to the learning needs of little children of the country through a smart pre-schooling platform comprising recorded animated lectures, curriculum books, educational fun activities, daily planner, in short a complete pre-school experience at their homes.


"Some six months of back to back inaction across the globe in 2020 has made us sit up to recon the most unexpected things that could hit us. We convulsed for a major portion of the year only to realize that our actions towards the planet are only coming back to us with greater impact and a very high hit rate.

The evils of starting early at school and then falling into the rat race at very tender ages is also a similar feeling that is clearly showing signs of a depleting mindset. This might in the long run completely run dry education systems and believe us when we say that this is staring us in the face much early than we had ever anticipated.

Mittsure Technologies LLP decided to change the complete show about a year back when it decided to come up with School at Home and go high tech and reach these very young people with electronic digital devices that brought the class right into the little palms of these super kids. We had done what we had dreamt and promised.

And now, there is no looking back. We are bound to not let that the worlds urgency slip from between our fingers like desert sand on to these very young children. We will save them their future so that at the end of this pandemic they are unscathed and untouched by closed schools and incomplete curriculums.

We fondly welcome you to be a part of the School at Home community!"

Mr. Manoj Mittal and Ms. Ishita Mittal


School at Home- an initiative by Mittsure Technologies LLP

Mr. Manoj Mittal
Ms. Ishita Mittal